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Produced for Tourism Kingston, The Official Visitor Guide to Kingston is a full-colour publication designed to promote Kingston throughout Canada and around the world.

Target Market: Tourists and prospective visitors to Kingston. Tourists.  2.2 million tourists visit Kingston each year and spend $231 million annually. (Source: Kingston Economic Development Corporation)

Editorial: The Official Visitor Guide to Kingston entices visitors to our city with an overview of all there is to explore in the region: a rich history, arts and entertainment, exquisite dining, a beautiful location, shopping opportunities and more.

Frequency: Published annually

Circulation: 150,000

Distribution: Available at visitor centres throughout Ontario and the Northern USA; Ontario Travel Information Centres; CAA and AAA offices, Canadian Consulate offices in the USA, Europe and Japan; Sports, travel, leisure and conference shows; airports, bus and train stations; The Kingston Visitor Information Centre; through mail, telephone and Internet inquiries.

Past Cover Examples:

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