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Established in 1975, Kingston Publications has been publishing quality magazines for 35 years. Kingston Publications is a forward-thinking magazine publisher. We provide efficient, effective, targeted magazine advertising through specialized publications directed at tourists, students, the military, national conference planners and Kingston residents. In a media environment increasingly characterized by interruption, magazines remain the oasis of engagement. Kingston Life is also a member of Magazines Canada and the only locally paid magazines sold on newsstands in Kingston.

Our magazines are distinct in the Kingston marketplace because of our emphasis on design. As important as the words on the page is the way they are displayed and, at its best, our design seduces the audience to pay attention while guiding them through to the last page. Because Kingston is such an active and vibrant city, our in-house design team strives to reflect that energy in our magazines. Kingston Publications has redefined what a lifestyle magazine and tourist publication can be by introducing a standard of design and photography to the city that is second to none.